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The Boltzmann Brain

Others dream. Ondrej, material physicist, thinks ‘how’.

“Powder sprayed from the side, melted to substrate - laser ‘prints’ in real time.”

“People think 3D Printing is one thing. Many different things, different fields.”

A start-up prints bridges with concrete. Cool.

“3D-P is a very specific application for a specific question.”

Composite 3D-P (multi-material) would be the future…almost any object.

“What I’ve seen is, in manufacturing, it’s always about solving a specific problem - not to innovate.” Truism: today’s problems prevent tomorrow’s solutions.

Obviously, I ask about 3D-P in space.

“Velocity…powder everywhere…shielding gas - ohhh wait”

“No oxygen, no combustion; hmm might be easier.”

Nano drones could be the future of 3D-P, and biology.

“They wouldn’t follow DNA, they swarm.”

“Robot equivalent could be a line of code, maybe a blockchain.”

Is unchangeable code, akin to DNA, even possible?

“Maybe as hardware, but there’d still be software to interpret the physical DNA.”

Asimov’s laws?

“General AI could ignore it.”

Like self-aware epigenetics.

“Heard of the Boltzmann brain?”

Theoretical consciousness without hardware.

“Maybe we’re just the radio to receive consciousness.”

Maybe we’ll learn consciousness is a natural force.

You don’t create it; it's harnessed.

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