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Start-up Horsepower

Interviewee, Bruno Trentini:

“I love it when start-ups need more horsepower.”

Phwoarr. Horsepower.

Bruno Trentini reminds me how RAM upgrades felt. Screw here, slide chip; game changer. G-force is indistinguishable. Half architect, also fostering growth ecosystems for start-ups.

“What took 16 hours…now minutes.”

“Incredible, the number of start-ups”, mentioning counter theft video analytics, “the sheer number of solutions”, unfettered tech enthusiasm, “a real privilege”.

By enabling tensor-ish capability, I ask if they compete with monolith cloud providers. “For some, the best strategy is in the cloud”.

“But bandwidth limitations…exabytes of data.”

Processing speed is a resource to be managed scrupulously, like water or electricity, and applied in the most effective way possible.

If the ‘business algorithm’ proves value, one flick of the Nvidia switch and David now harnesses the processing might of Goliath.

“Anyone can create a state of the art solution.”

“I’m very optimistic what it can do for the world.”

It’s like a picture.

The smaller the pixels – the more specific each offering, and the more pixels there are – the more offerings, then the overall offering is higher quality.

Nvidia’s catalyst model is helping entrepreneurs paint a beautiful picture of the future.

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