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Oh F***. I'm the AI expert.

"Oh f***, now I'm the AI expert."

Marijn Markus is often censored. “They were like, 'Hi Marijn, next week, there’s this client meeting thing, we need a speaker

– yeah…you’re the AI expert'. Yes. It’s all marketing. You do data and machine learning right? That means you know AI." "Cue the start of my career as an AI expert.” “Statistics? Lame! Machine Learning? Sexy! Yet I’ve been doing the same damn shit for years. The job hasn’t changed, buzzwords change. Sure, you can automate the process of running and tweaking four different models (hyperparameter tuning). But the required insight into what the machine is actually doing – that hasn’t changed.”

“We undervalue geekiness where you actually know how the fucking models work. Oh yes, you just buy this <insert software giant> tool and hit run to get a number. Now you’re stuck with a black box! NO company in the world will operate on just a number, without a system or an entire team asking where the fuck this number came from!”

“In the 60s, we overhyped the promise of AI. Then the market crashed. Didn’t deliver – we called this the first AI Winter. Same thing in the 1980s. Now we’re doing the same damn thing again.”

“Which isn’t all bad. I’ll be doing the same fucking thing – building cool stuff with data.”

Is winter coming?

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