Kaggle: people, we’ve gamified progress

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Kaggle Competition Master? That has a nice ring to it, I say.

It’s never enough for engineers like Andrey Lukyanenko, they tend to be a people that always strive for perfection: “Grand master would be better!”

He tells me the way it’s calculated. It’s one big competition and when the period ends, there are a certain number of people awarded each of the gold, silver and bronze medal tiers.

“It normally depends on the number of people who take part in the competition.”

He received 2 gold and 1 silver to be awarded competition master.

I find it interesting to note the award tiers have continued the Olympian tradition of medals - the award for expertise in sport - because they symbolically transfer the same degree of kudos; the engineers like Andrey perform mostly thankless, countless hours to train themselves (and their models), working normal jobs (he’s a data scientist) to solve problems unpaid.

I ask what it would take to become the Grand Champion; “5 gold medals, with at least one won in solo”.

What’s prevented you from this glorious title?

“I haven’t pursued it yet, to be honest because I thought I wouldn’t be prepared - so I didn’t spend a lot of time taking part.”