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Future of education

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

“Some tech firms build their tech, then take it to a community. It’s not solution driven.”

Davide Picca, PhD's ethos is “co-creation of solutions with clients.”

The new still has to be ‘fluent’ with the old – just similar enough to ease transition to new innovations. Cars are horse carriage width for a reason.

“We’ve inverted our approach. First we had a technology then we tried to find a market. Now we have a market and we’re building the tech.”

“This isn’t a platform to learn. It’s a clip on. You tag up as much of it as possible, whatever you want to use…for example, repeated errors on a particular thing leads to a semantic analysis.”

Iron Man’s suit for education. Once it’s on, it keeps track of everything, alerts you to weaknesses and augments the strength of the existing system.

He chats me through some well thought through use cases in education.

“If you think about it, there’s no feedback. Take an unemployment service. If you send 10 people to learn English, that costs 10K Francs – what is the ROI? You don’t know.”

He envisions not only curating courses to learning style, but as a way of guiding investment; “unemployment services can target more suitable people”.

No two newsfeeds are the same. Education might follow suit.
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