Forecasting, a problem every company faces

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Javed Inamdar runs Data Science Lab, an analytics consultancy over in Pune, India.

How’s life in the Pandemic?

“Well, we’re located in India.”

He takes the slightest of breaths.

“It’s the 3rd most effected country in the world after the US and Brazil, in one of the highly effected cities and unable to leave the city.”

The so named ‘third world’ has had a really

tough go of the last year. Inequalities have been made more apparent.

Countries that went through the SARS scare a few years ago have fared well, so I’m personally optimistic that COVID-19 will

transpire to help the world prepare for a worse pandemic in the future.

And, business through the pandemic?

“Business wise, there’s been very strict lockdown. Everyone is facing a lot of issues.”

“Products just aren’t on sale, so businesses are just focused on surviving. Analytics isn’t exactly a necessity!”

Tell me what you do?

“By education I’m a mechanical engineer. I joined a company called SAS (number one analytics company in world by market share) and worked in the advanced analytics division. Eventually, headed the advanced analytics division.”

“Last year, I joined a friend who started Data Science Lab.”

“It’s an analytics consulting company. We can handle any analytics challenge, though mostly focused on predictive modelling.”

Any interesting projects you’ve been working on?

“We finished a project just prior to lockdown – wheat crop prediction. This was for the India Government’s Departure for Agriculture, using remote sensor data to predict crop yield at the village level.”

“The device is known as a UFO - it captures electricity consumption, data is then pushed from the cloud to analytics engines.”


“Another was for an airport software development company, involving the rostering of various airport resources (human, such as janitors and luggage handlers, and machine)."

"Some resources are outsourced so forecasting and optimization is needed. We built the optimization engine in this project.”

“The objective was to minimise cost whilst meeting constraints.”