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Fire, at the Machine Commons

Fire, at The Machine Commons

Did you know that cooking food on fire changed everything?

By unlocking a plethora of new chemicals, it fuelled the unprecedented growth of our frontal lobes. Language and socialising was born, as we gravitated towards the fireplace to start eating and talking together.

The agricultural revolution made the land slave to humanity, so we could stay put, build things, diversify skills and begin what we know as civilisation.

The industrial revolution meant people could sell their brains, not just their hands, to earn their bread and butter.

The information age saw Moore's Law form, as data storage and computing power gave us real time ability for data driven intelligence.

The (anti?)social interconnected age has decentralised power; now crowds make decisions the few used to.

The application age, or the age of machine learning, could decentralise application development. I suspect that anyone who wants to do anything will simply express their will to self-writing applications, achieving their goal by expressing their intent. You are building this future.

The fire for this next change is starting to roar and I hope you'll find this group a useful insight-lead fireplace for the discussion of machine learning.

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