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A bridge between data and marketing

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Communication background, Nick Rood's Head of Data Science at Goodbyehello.

And, only now, typing this, does his firm’s name click. Goodbyehello uses data to say hello to customers they’ve (that companies) previously said goodbye to.

A data based ad start up to carve away at traditional media firms. It seems business must choose to be a master of something, or be worth jack.

In digital media, if you don’t engage, digital strategies usually just let you go.

“If you don’t open the email ‘Alex we miss you take this 40% discount code!’ then you’re in the opt out list. We get a lot of value out of ‘inactive’ customers. We work for the retention department. Acquisition’s a different department. The communication between these two departments is never great!”

We share a scepticism for numbers in ad-land.

“Advertising’s going to change a lot, I think. It’s going to need more people like me. You really need more bridges between data and marketing.”

“We’ve built our own ESP called Mailifly and data warehouse on AWS. For the rest we do everything with IBM. They’ve an entire platform; from notebooks to Keras integration…all feeds into our system.”

In other words, market leading tech run by a handful of people…less overheads and better service.

“We don’t need a lot of people!”

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