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Combined Sciences for Tech Innovation

“My wife’s African, she said to me ‘I’ve lost so many people to cancer. We’ve got to do something’. Within three months she’s meeting the first lady of Zimbabwe.”

Ryan Lavelle's working towards a cancer scanner.

“There are changes in the cells, to the electromagnetic signature.” “Opto-magnetic imaging spectroscopy...the device is LED based.”

“Combination of physics, engineering, blockchain and AI.” “Present cell samples to the algorithm – CNN strips out the noise.”

“All on the device…aiming for 95-98% accuracy. And it’s FAST – under two mins.” I’m picturing a hairdryer as the future cure for cancer. Zap it.

“So difficult to raise the money. If asking for millions, people won’t back it unless you’ve got published data. We’re 3-4 months away.”

“Need money to raise the money! Bootstrapping.”

He gets on a bike: “no I can keep talking… I could talk on this all day!”

“Interesting article yesterday, France liberalised insurance firms to buy crypto.”

“Once tokens are included in health plans, blockchain currency and data come together: a patient’s record and a ‘treatment token’ could be allocated together.”

When do I get my cancer scanner, Ryan?

"Hopefully within the year: private clinics; getting it in the NHS will take forever.”

“To be honest we should have been ready sooner.”

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