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Combined Sciences for Tech Innovation

Interviewee, Ryan Lavelle:

“My wife’s African, she said to me ‘I’ve lost so many people to cancer. We’ve got to do something’. Within three months she’s meeting the first lady of Zimbabwe.”

Ryan Lavelle's working towards a cancer scanner.

“There are changes in the cells, to the electromagnetic signature.” “Opto-magnetic imaging spectroscopy...the device is LED based.”

“Combination of physics, engineering, blockchain and AI.” “Present cell samples to the algorithm – CNN strips out the noise.”

“All on the device…aiming for 95-98% accuracy. And it’s FAST – under two mins.” I’m picturing a hairdryer as the future cure for cancer. Zap it.

“So difficult to raise the money. If asking for millions, people won’t back it unless you’ve got published data. We’re 3-4 months away.”

“Need money to raise the money! Bootstrapping.”

He gets on a bike: “no I can keep talking… I could talk on this all day!”

“Interesting article yesterday, France liberalised insurance firms to buy crypto.”

“Once tokens are included in health plans, blockchain currency and data come together: a patient’s record and a ‘treatment token’ could be allocated together.”

When do I get my cancer scanner, Ryan?

"Hopefully within the year: private clinics; getting it in the NHS will take forever.”

“To be honest we should have been ready sooner.”

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