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Algorithms and Nature

Was it something we did? - with Luca Baldassarre.

Interviewee, Luca Baldassarre:

Luca has built a team from scratch to build an application that analyses drone footage for enhanced crop management.

Working with ML, drones and nature sounds to be a therapeutic combination.

I think of it as a kind of technological nervous system; it’s a means of garnering detailed environmental feedback (body) to feedback ‘state’ information to a central computer (brain), which is then processed by state of the art ML algorithms (mind).

The idea has clearly taken root. No wonder: his team’s tech can analyse every single plant to ensure each one really has taken root, is growing effectively, to provide highly accurate crop analyses, resulting in next level crop efficiency management.

Increasing, even minutely, crop yield is to tackle one of the more egregious inequalities on our planet. The future will see extensive ‘central nervous systems’ – a means of interfacing 'the world' to computers, laying infrastructure for a fully autonomous planet.

“Data quality is the hardest problem, for example we train it based on one year of a growing season – but different seasons are often very different.”

“Sometimes you get a changed result and you think, was that because of something I did to the algorithm, or natural changes, or…?”

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