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2019 Key Trend: Time Series Analysis

React to the future.

I've just enjoyed a conversation with a member of this group about one of the biggest emerging trends he thinks we can expect in 2019: forecasting with time series data.

For researchers or predictive analytics professionals, this could sound like old news - it's certainly not a surprise when the corporate world lags behind what 'can' be done; but, it's only when the corporations start implementing new technology that it then sees accelerated use and power.

The implications are tremendous.

For example; treasuries with more precise future cashflow predictions and central banks with more accurate interest rate scenario forecasting, means less economic volatility and more perfect market information as represented by floating market prices. This makes it harder for financial institutions to make profitable trades (incumbent legacy firms beware). Etc.

He thinks much research and energy has been invested in NLP or image processing when, in reality - in the world of corporations "cash is king", there is much greater potential in improving time series ML techniques.

That's the future, now will you react?

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