Pharmaceutical Development

Enhanced Drug Development and Clinical Trials

Find new drugs faster, build better trials or diagnose rare diseases, with data.

Our research partner has worked with some incredible businesses, including Johnson and Johnson, Idorsia and Centogene.

Machine Aided Drug Discovery

Be more human, with AI

Improve Clinical Trials

You might be missing something

The human mind has evolved to find patterns. To achieve this, we’re exceptionally talented at ignoring information in order to understand the world. 

In a clinical trial, this is exactly the opposite of what you're trying to achieve.

by augmenting your human eye with categorisation overlays, to help you focus on what’s important. Find new promising molecules through automated biomarker analysis. 

Speed Saves Lives

Development speed matters

In the case of drug development, reducing manual workflows and speeding up analysis literally translates to saving lives.

Get to publication stages faster with our partner, who has direct experience building software and writing code documentation to FDA-approval standard. 

Biomedical Challenges are unique

Off the shelf solutions don't work

So much of work life is about finding the right tool.

Every lab is unique: where the data comes from, how many sources there are, where data is kept and how it's moved around.

If a tool isn't build for your data architecture, then it's probably not worth having.

Engineering First

More engineering than maths

There's a reason so many research still rely on old school software, like SPSS and excel, or coding languages like R. 

To be effective, software needs to be as customised to your objective as your lab.

Off-the-shelf solutions won’t fit your methodology as well as an application designed specifically for your team's skill-sets, your environment and your workflow.