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Time is TBD


Location is TBD

Amsterdam Meet-Up

A physical meet-up for our digital group. Enjoy an array of entertaining and insightful speakers. Meet people from our inspirational community.

Amsterdam Meet-Up
Amsterdam Meet-Up

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

*Please indicate interest by downloading a free ticket, details will be emailed to you once confirmed*

The Machine Commons is a virtual fireplace for the cross pollination of perspectives and collective wisdom. Themed around machine learning, high calibre speakers will provide their perspectives for the benefit of the community and online audience.

Details are still slightly fluid depending on interest, however the current lineup of speakers includes:

1. Marijn Markus: The Next AI Winter

Marijn Markus is an amazing orator, if one that can require large amounts of censoring! He has a cut and dry attitude towards extracting value from data and believes the next AI winter is coming (thanks to over marketing). You can expect fascinating insight into the impact of AI on society - plus he's a really funny guy.

2. Veysel Kocaman (possible conflict): State of the Art in Machine Learning

Veysel Kocaman is our resident Google Developer Expert at the Machine Commons. He's super smart and likely to accelerate your understanding of what can be achieved with state of the art Machine Learning applications, techniques and approach. There's no BS with Veysel.

3. Nick Rood: Importance of Creativity in Data Science

Nick Rood is a communication strategist and data scientist who has been interviewed on the Machine Commons before. He will deliver his unique views on how creativity and machine learning can (and should) come together by cross discipline expertise. An exemplar of how very few people are needed in a business that harnesses the power of machine learning - he's even offered to contribute some lunch.

4. Ondrej Nenadl: Cross Pollination

Ondrej is a ‘Technical and Organizational consultant’ with  experience coordinating projects involving technology transfer from R&D through to industry ready technology. As a manager in the Machine Commons, his focus is on researching for overlaps and cross pollinating perspectives among community members.

5. Pouya Tafti and 6. Bruno Trentini may also speak depending whether we proceed with the other locations. 

There will be ample time for your own direct cross pollination, for you to talk to other inspiring members of this community about the innovative uses of machine learning and the interesting solutions they provide.


  • MC: Amsterdam Meet-Up

    Meet, chat, learn, teach, inspire, be inspired.




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