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Business Growth Services for Technology Service Providers.

One knowledgeable point of contact for an array of services.

Insight has always been the currency of the Machine Commons. Now, we’ve teamed up with a community of lean businesses and freelancers to help with business growth.


Firms handpicked for their insight-lead approach to business growth, without any of the large overheads and hefty fees of traditional businesses.

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Unified Client Service


Machine Learning


Human Resources

One Point of Contact

We are an organisation of organisations. 

Consider how much time you spend communicating with your other agencies. With each agency. Many businesses end up hiring agency managers.

A client services appointee will have direct experience across the services required.

The cost is negotiable depending on the selection and scale of services managed.

ML Engineering

Augment your business with Machine Learning capability from the very beginning.

Proof of concept in 4 weeks.

Full scale solution in 6 months.

1) Scoping call: free.

2) Strategy day: £4000

Quotes for 3) proof of concept and 4) full scale solution, following the strategy day. 

Tech Recruitment

Find the elite professionals you need to build your team.

No strings: cost per cure basis.

Permanent Recruitment.

Contract recruitment. 

Fee dependent on skillset rarity and seniority, 18-25%.


Comms Strategy



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Technical Consulting

Strategic Communication Planning

Engage skilled freelance tech industry strategic planners. 

Market research.

Brand identity.

Competitor analysis. 
Market positioning. 

£400 / day

Most projects complete in 4 weeks, scope dependent.

Media & Communication Strategy and Implemetation

Availabile in USA, UK and Australiasian markets.

Know your audience. Know how they consume media.


Reach them cost effectively.

Traditional Media. 

Digital Media.

10% cost on media spend.

Retainer options available.

Material Science Technical Consulting

R&D is one thing, industry is another. 

Realise cost reduction in product manufacturing. 

Materials, metallic surfaces, adhesion, surface modification and lasers.


Personal Career Growth


Other problems?

Career Guidance

Empowered staff deliver the best restults. 

Industry experts help tech professionals maximise their career satisfaction. 

Knowledge is power when negotiating your future. 

Get in touch to find out more.

Plug into our network

Every business is unique.
Every problem is a unicorn. 
Solutions must be specific. 

Reap the benefit of a bespoke solution powered by an agile network of experts.

If you have any general enquires for services unlisted, or would like a custom package of multiple services, get in touch. 

The MC Guide to Business Growth

A journey to business growth success, with help along the way. 

No, not actually who you are and what you do.

But who you are to your target market and what you do for them.


Know who you are and what you do. 


Wait, first you need to know your target market.

Who needs your service? Who is the buyer? The decision maker? What are their job titles? Where are they?

What keeps them up at night? What problems are they facing? 

Build a bridge from where your customers are to where they want to go. Show them how you can get them there and what it will cost.


Know how to communicate what you do, in terms of the value you create. 

Create an outreach strategy taking into account all possible mediums (paid, unpaid), considering a coherent customer and medium-specific messaging. 


Reach your target market with your value proposition.

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