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Veysel Kocaman

Machine Learning GDE

Veysel, based in the Netherlands, is a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning, answering questions and posting interesting technical pointers.

An experienced 'Head of AI', CTO and data scientist, he's provided hands-on consulting services in Machine Learning and AI, statistics, data science and operations research to several start-ups and companies around the globe.

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Ondrej Nenadl

Technical Consultant

Ondrej, based in the Netherlands, leads the charge on technical cross-pollination. His role in the group is to report technical updates from various disciplines and highlight their relevance or implications for others.

His years of experience managing and coordinating R&D through to industry ready technology has earned him extensive physics knowledge and material science technical expertise.

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Pouyan Fard

Career Accelerator

Pouyan Fard, based in Frankfurt, left consultancy to help data scientists maximise their career growth; as an early fan of this community, he's here to give you the tips, tricks and tools to accelerate your career.

He's an experienced data consultant who has dedicated his career to understanding online behaviour and growing business with cutting edge technology.

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Nawab Hussain

Lead Geek

Nawab Hussain, based in Passau, leads the 'Geek Brigade' - a blogging learning journey, with the key ethos of "making everything in machine learning as simple as possible". 

He's an experienced Software Engineer with a successful career in the computer software industry - Java, Android,Python, JavaFX, Hibernate and Machine Learning. 

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Alex Carruthers


Alex, a remote consultant, interviews professionals from all corners of the globe, then serves up their insightful perspectives in a post published here exclusively.

The lead Machine Learning Consultant at Machine Commons, he comes from a background in marketing and business strategy. He thinks insight is the most important currency in this world.

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